The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog

November 15, 2022

The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog

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The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog

WordPress blog themes aren’t just about how they look. There’s also how easy it is to use, how well it works, and SEO. Here are the top seven ideas. So let us read more and find out about The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog.

The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog

Choosing a theme is likely the hardest part of getting a WordPress blog up and running. You could spend hours looking for one that looks great in the demo, only to find that once you install it, there are too many confusing configuration settings to make it look that good.

WordPress themes provide more than only aesthetic appeal. There are also ease of use, performance, and SEO optimization. A blog can be ruined by a theme that is badly made. So look around carefully and pick carefully.

Most free themes end up being bad, which could hurt your SEO, so the following themes are only available for purchase. When you think about all the benefits you get from a professionally made theme, the money you spend on it is well worth it.

How to Decide Which WordPress Theme to Use

Here are the most important things you should look for in a WordPress theme for your blog.

A Good Layout

So as per this The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog article, The layout, fonts, and pictures should all be easy on the eyes. Fonts should stay the same from one section to the next, and the color scheme should be nice and draw attention to the writing instead of taking it away.


As your site grows, the size of the scripting files and CSS code can make a big difference. So can scripts that load slowly and PHP code that needs to be better written.

SEO Optimization:

Many things about your theme’s design, like how easy it is to use, how well it works, and how well it is structured in HTML, can affect your SEO.

This article will rate the best WordPress themes based on how well they pass these litmus tests.


After starting several personal blogs and looking for the best WordPress theme for years, I only knew what a truly flexible, all-in-one template looked like once I came across Soledad.

To create one of the example sites, Soledad includes 20 demo content files with all the layouts and sample pictures you’ll need, which you can later modify with your content. You can choose any demo from the theme configuration, and everything is set up for you.

You can choose from more than 300 layouts with different configuration options. It works best for bigger blogs with lots of content. Only so many simple templates work well for personal blogs that need to be updated more often.

Jevelin Themes

So based on this The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog article, Jevelin is an extremely contemporary WordPress theme for anybody looking to get above the limitations of the platform’s default sidebar-based blogs. Most of the themes are a list of the most recent posts you can scroll through, with a beautiful slider of featured posts at the top.

Instead of just focusing on blogs, Javelin has templates for personal profile pages, sales pages, corporate pages, and event pages. Blogs can be set up in different ways, but most use a list of blog posts you can scroll through on one page.

Anyone who visits your blog would think it’s a professional site because of how it looks.

Gillion’s WordPress Theme

Gillion is the way to go if you want your WordPress theme to be easy to set up. Based on WP Bakery, Gillion gives you access to more than 50 modular elements that you can add to any page on your site.

Gillion comes with about 15 demos you can install with one click and use as your template. The demo pages are geared toward blogs and have a nice mix of sidebar-based front page designs and the scrolling image boxes that many blogs use these days.

It has a shopping cart, beautiful social widgets, and the ability to change your site’s look without knowing how to code.

Newspaper Blog

Newspaper is a great choice if you want to start a blog that you plan to update often and add lots of interesting content.

It is one of the most used blog themes on WordPress for a reason. Many big sites use this theme because it looks professional and has many great features.

The theme comes with more than 80 demos and a smart ad system. It is based on the tagDiv Composer, which lets you build your home page without knowing how to code.

So according to this The Top 7 WordPress Themes For Starting Blog article, There are 100 elements to choose from in this tool. And with more than 800 pre-made templates for all important pages (like 404 and search), SEO is taken care of well.

Cheer Up

CheerUp is the best personal blog out there. This theme will make people feel like they know you on their first visit. It has stylish font choices and a strong personal feel to the design.

CheerUp is easy to use, even for people who have never blogged. It looks great and works well for people on mobile devices. You can choose from 13 designs to make a blog layout that fits your style. You can change the layout of your blog in thousands of ways by using grids and sliders to change the layout.

The design of the back end is also very strong and works with a wide range of modern browsers. This means you can use the theme for a long time.


Most of the MagPlus theme demos are magazine-style, but there are also a lot of great personal themes to choose from. You can save time by downloading one of the more than 40 demos.

It also has a custom cache system that will speed up your site. It says that it is “SEO optimized,” and it comes with over 160 “elements and modules” that you can use to make your site even more unique.

When you utilize this theme, the greatest features available in the theme business are yours. You will have a professional slider, different headers and footers, and customization tools that don’t require you to know how to code.

Professional typography is another crucial component that will assist you in using the most professional and consistent font across the website.


Flow is a good choice if you want a blog theme that isn’t typical. With this theme, you can make your blog look like Pinterest. In the main panel, articles are shown with a large image, title, short description, and a button that says “Read More.”

The full screen of this format was used in the old theme, which can still be used. But the new style has a sidebar on both the left and the right. This lets you add a personal profile and more organization.

This theme will look great on a personal blog or a blog for a magazine. There are 8 available demos with one-click installations. It’s also easy to make changes.

And because Flow is a responsive design, you can be sure that people can use their phones to enjoy your site. So this concludes the topic for The Top 7 WordPress Themes article,